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Glute Camp 2017

The goal of the "Glute Camp" program: activate and build the muscles of the booty. Also, to give the muscles of the posterior chain in general a little more lovin’.

In general, most people are anterior-chain dominant, meaning we have a muscle imbalance of anterior to posterior muscles. Nowadays, activities of daily life (ADL) make us quad-dominant, tight chested, shoulder-rounded, flat-booty-ed, modern day humans. We sit in our cars and drive a lot (excessive hip flexion,) sit at our computers a lot (excessive shoulder rounding and hip flexion,) and we don’t know how to activate our glutes. This program is designed with that in mind.


If you think about it, our glutes are the BIGGEST muscles in the body, so we should be using them for almost everything, right? Well, we should be, but that’s rarely the case. Most of our bodies have learned to “turn them off,” because we use them so rarely. Hey, it takes work to use those big muscles, and our bodies have found a way to take the path of least resistance.

So, What is Glute Camp?

A 6-week program that takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a focus on the booty and the posterior chain, nutrition and meal ideas, and motivation to get the most of your results. This is a body changing experience.


The glutes are my personal favorite muscle group to train, and over the years, I’ve learned from both experience and research which exercises and how they’re done will get the best results.

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